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About Comfort Nest

Being experienced in the mattress industry for over 17 years with some of the national and international leading brands, Mr. Prakash Warti developed a passion for creating affordable and premium sleep products. This dream was realised in the year 2017 and WARTI’S COMFORT NEST was born.

We have researched extensively on various premium fabrics and have introduced product models to cater to diversified segments. Over the last 5 years, we have been happy to serve the elite with high quality premium products and those looking for high quality products which are budget friendly. Our products are eco-friendly and sustainable made of viscos, bamboo, and organic cotton. We also customise orders based on specific requirements. Our reach and presence are DIRECT and ACCESSIBLE through various e-commerce platforms.

We manufacture premium quality mattress at affordable price for single and double bed and customized size according to customers requirement.


We are a mattress manufacturing firm driven to provide customisable and accessible mattresses to end users in a hassle-free manner.


We aim to bring quality mattresses for best sleep comfort to the homes of millions across the globe at affordable prices.

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